DiCE Information

Pirated DiCE products are becoming increasingly common. These units are mostly available from aftermarket sources and websites. These units commonly cost between one half to two thirds the Volvo price, sometimes including an illegal version of VIDA. Technically, the units are of much less quality and they have been proven to introduce diagnostics and fault tracing issues, as well as new problems into the vehicle. All of which will result in repair delays and customer dissatisfaction.

Most importantly, Volvo will not provide support to customers using these units. Volvo can only support DiCE tools manufactured to our standards or those based on J2534-2 requirements.

Vehicle Communication Tools


  • Starting with the introduction of the SPA vehicle platform (XC90 (16-) the communication protocol is different. Please reference SMB 00-337Service Product Journal 29954.
  • XC90 (16-) reference SMB 00-337. All older vehicles can still use DiCE or J2534 scan tools.
  • A vehicle communication tool transfers data from a VIDA workstation to the correct receiver in the vehicle.
  • VIDA supports DiCE and J2534 devices. Volvo Car Corporation recommends DiCE for vehicle communication with D2 and GGD protocol-based vehicles.


DiCE uses a Bluetooth connection to transfer information between VIDA and the vehicle. A USB cable can be used as an alternative to the Bluetooth connection.

Please note that no third party Bluetooth dongles can be used with DiCE, only Volvo Cars DiCE equipment can be used.

Multiple DiCEs

It is possible to connect more than one DiCE to VIDA and download software to as many as three vehicles in parallel and have one vehicle in the diagnostic workflow at the same time. One VIDA workstation with four DiCEs can thus handle four vehicles simultaneously.

J2534 devices

For all vehicles with model year 2004 and later, equipped with OBD and reprogramming capability, manufacturers shall comply with SAE J2534. There are two different versions of J2534:

  • J2534-1 can be used to download software to vehicles from, and Including, model year 2004. J2534-1 manages software to control modules on CAN HS (Controller Area Network High Speed) that are emission related.
    J2534-1 cannot be used for diagnostics.
  • J2534-2 manages software download to control modules on both CAN HS and CAN MS (Controller Area Network Middle Speed).
The hardware used to validate VIDA's compliance with J2534 can be purchased separately from third-party suppliers. Validation has been done using the following J2534 pass-thru devices:
  • J2534-1: Actia Passthru+ XS and carDAQ2534.
  • J2534-2s: CarDAQ Plus.
For more information regarding these devices, please contact the respective manufacturer.