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Volvo is pleased to announce a new Special Tool ordering process for our Independent repairers. All Volvo Special Tools will now be stored in and distributed from our Volvo Parts Distribution centers. Independent repairs and Volvo customer can order tools through the Volvo Cars Bookstore and have them drop shipped directly to their location. By bringing the process in-house , we can take advantage of some process efficiencies not possible before. For example, lead times for certain out of stock items will be shortened.

However, please be patient as we finalize the development of this new portal. During this short interim period, should you immediately need a Volvo Special Tool you can contact your local Volvo Retailer, for order assistance. The Volvo Special tool store front currently contains our unified pricing, should you want to confirm the price of a specific tool prior to contacting a Volvo Retailer.


Volvo Special Tools make certain repairs possible and improve the reliability of others. When needed, special tools are mentioned by tool number in all repair procedures. Additionally, Volvo Special Tool Bulletins, which include comprehensive lists of "mandatory" tools, show and describe many special tools. Referring to these sources and noting tool description and part numbers will simplify your tool ordering process.